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2024 XXXXXXXX Bout


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2024 Northern Bout - Presented by NAPA Auto Parts

We're Back Baby!

Back in our home town since 2022. The 2024 Northern Bout was one for the books. 5,200 spectators, 10,500$ of prizes, 100+ cars for the Season Opener.

2023 Southern Bout

881 Crew's Southern Bout 2023 -Presented by Rhude Industries

For our first time out of our hometown, we've decided to go to the legendary Edmonton International Raceway.

2022 Northern Bout

Our First Ever Event!
The 2022 Northern Bout - Presented by Reboot Racing was the product of a dozen of people dreams. After decades of trying to find a way to bring the motorsport to our hometown, we've finally succeeded and brought the highest tier of drifting in western Canada to the MacDonald Island Park complex.